Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     What is action pistol?

Action pistol is a sport where competitors strive to score as many points as possible in the shortest time using full power pistol ammunition.  A blend of speed and accuracy is needed to excel.

Internationally, IPSC and IDPA are the popular forms of action pistol.  In Singapore, a version called Competitive Sporting Pistol (CSP) is growing in popularity.

2.     How do I get started in action pistol?

First, you need to be a member of a gun club.  There are 2 gun clubs in Singapore – the Singapore Gun Club and Singapore Rifle Association.  Both clubs have membership schemes suitable for recreational and competitive shooters.  Both clubs are located at the National Shooting Centre in Old Choa Chu Kang Road.

After getting your gun club membership, you need to attain the required certifications to practice action pistol safely and competently.  This is achieved by attending and passing courses and taking part in supervised training.

You also need to be accredited for the action shooting discipline that you are practicing. This is a requirement from Singapore Shooting Association (SSA), the national body that governs shooting sports in Singapore.  Accreditation is achieved by passing a test that includes live fire.

3.     What are the requirements for gun club membership?

It depends on the type of membership being applied for, but generally you need to be a Singapore citizen or foreigner above the age of 18.  You also need to be free of criminal records and be a person of good standing.

4.     What are the types of memberships available?

It depends on the club, but there are 3 main types:

1.      Term membership (3 months) - this is valid for three months and is suitable for people who have little or no shooting experience and would like to experience shooting a pistol or shotgun for fun.  This is conducted under close supervision by a qualified NROC instructor.  Shooting can only be done from standing position and from table. Members under this membership are not allowed to take part in Club's organised activities and competitions.

2.      Term membership – this is valid for a calendar year and renewable yearly in January.  It is targeted at people who are keen to shoot regularly and take part in shooting sports.  Benefits include use of club firearms at no cost and ammunition at discounted rates.  Term members have no voting rights and cannot apply for firearms license to own a personal firearms.

3.      Ordinary/Associate membership – this is aimed at competitive shooters.   Benefits include voting rights for ordinary members and ownership of personal firearms subject to approval from the club and Police licensing authority.

5.     How much will membership cost?

3 months Term membership is about $200 for 1pax and $180 for 2 pax and above and includes rental of firearm, 100 rounds of ammunition, paper targets and training by a qualified NROC instructor.

Yearly Term membership in SGC is $750 per year and is valid for the calendar year from 1 Jan to 31 December.  A discounted rate of $450 each is offered to groups of 10 that sign up or renew at the same time.  The fee is pro-rated on half-yearly basis, i.e. members signing up between 1 July and 31 Dec pay half of the applicable rate ($375 for individual, $225 each for group of 10).

Ordinary membership is charged at $3000 (one time entrance fee) and $300 per year (annual subscription fee).

Shooters interested in action pistol should take up either yearly term or ordinary/associate membership.  Term membership is recommended for those that are just starting out in action pistol and have not decided whether to shoot competitively.  Ordinary membership is recommended for those that have decided to shoot action pistol competitively and need a personal firearm for competition.

6.     What personal equipment do I need for action pistol?

You will need a rig consisting of:

Belt (inner and outer)

A stiff belt is recommended that will not sag under the weight of fully loaded magazines and pistol


A speed holster is recommended for action pistol.  As most holsters are pistol-specific, you need to decide on the pistol you will use before buying your holster. 

There are 4 handgun divisions in CSP – Stock, Limited, Unlimited and Revolver.  The Stock division is recommended for action pistol beginners.  The CZ Shadow is a very popular pistol used in this division.

Magazine pouch

Competitors usually have 4 on their belt.  Again, these need to be chosen based on the magazine used by your pistol.

Running shoes

Shoes with cleats are strongly recommended to maintain traction and move safely during a course of fire.

Other items that are useful but not necessary to have:

Shot timer

This is used in training and competition to time a competitor’s performance through a course of fire.  It is needed for many training drills.

Grip lotion

This is applied to the palm to improve grip and controllability of the pistol.  Pistol Pro-Grip lotion is very popular among competitors.

Please ask around before buying your rig.  Seasoned competitors are more than happy to share their tips with you.  A decent rig will cost about $400 to $500.

All the items above are non-controlled items and can be purchased without a firearms license.

7.     What courses do I need to take?

For action pistol, you will need to be holster qualified and accredited.  CSP conducts courses for basic pistol, holster qualification and accreditation.  There also intermediate and advanced level courses.  Courses are usually held on weekends and course fees start from $80.  Please check the CSP calendar for details. 

8.     How much does it cost to shoot?

New members who have joined the club within a year are not allowed to shoot unsupervised, even if they have passed the basic pistol, holster qualification and accreditation test.  They can only shoot during supervised training sessions by qualified trainers.  CSP has regular training sessions every month, usually on a weekend.  Expect to pay about $50 (tbc) per session. Ammo cost and paper target charged separately.

Monthly matches cost $50 for CSP matches held every 2nd Sunday of the month.  Competitors must have CSP accreditation.  Competitors are required to come with their own arms, ammo and rig.

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