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Competitive Sporting Pistol (CSP) is a fast-paced, adrenaline-charged shooting sport that requires a blend of accuracy and speed to excel.

CSP is a practical shooting sport that challenges the athlete’s mastery of the handgun under 2 diametrically opposite attributes in the art of shooting – accuracy and speed under stress.  CSP is founded by the Singapore Gun Club (“SGC”) in 2015 and the art form is developed by a pool of Singaporean IPSC and IDPA shooters.  In CSP, the athlete must attain the correct blend of accuracy and speed in order to achieve the maximum score.  While CSP appears very similar to CQB (Close Quarter Battle) where the action is very intense and quick and where the presence of mind determines the winner, CSP is more of a mental sport and is not a combat sport.

Unlike Precision shooting disciplines which focus on perfect precision, CSP is multi-dimensional and demands acceptable precision under extreme physical, physiological and psychological stresses.  Therein lies the distinction between static marksmanship and dynamic marksmanship. 

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2015 Asia Pacific CSP Challenge 



IMPORTANT NOTE on Eligibility to Participate:
- LOCAL (Singapore) Participants MUST possess VALID CSP Accreditation. The CSP Accreditation must be valid on the date of the event.
- Foreign Participants MUST Produce Proof of having completed an IPSC Level 3 Match within the last 12 months
Unless specific exceptions are granted by the CSP Accreditation Committee.
For more information, please click HERE

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